Keep your sensitive information SAFE

Listinguru will ask for your marketplace password JUST ONCE-when you first connect your marketplace shop(s). After that you will remain connected to your shop(s) every time you log into Listinguru.

How it works

  • Setup a Listinguru account using a unique username and password. Choose a username and password that is different from your marketplace shop(s).
  • Connect your marketplace shop(s) - click on 'Marketplaces' in Listinguru. A pop up will appear from your marketplace with a message "An application would like to connect to your shop", asking you to enter your marketplace shop username and password. This is the only time you will be asked to enter your username and password. You will see the this pop up

  • etsy-safety

  • Enter your username and password and connect to your marketplace shop(s).
  • Once you are connected, anyone you choose can list your products to your marketplace shop(s). They can create a new listing, edit or copy an existing listing, or even move listings in one marketplace to another. They never need to have your marketplace shop username and password.